Chainsaw Fest

8ball Club
Chainsaw Fest
19 Jan
  • Location
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  • Thessaloniki
  • 5€ (Beer included)
  • 1st Floor

a Polla Logia Einai Ftwxia!!
19 Ianouariou Liveara sto 8ball Thrash/Speed /Metal Punk Day
kai tigga Mpyres!!
Elate na gustaroume ,na sas doume ,na diaskedasoume ,na gnwristoume ,kai na xefigoume apo thn routina ths kathimerinothtas me ton pio teleio tropo pou einai fysika h mousikh ,me 4 kataplhktikes bandes pistes sthn underground skhnh ,me trela,, agaph kai afosiwsh s’ayto pou kanoun !!
Oi Bandes pou tha symmetexoun einai :
1)Concrete Bastards– Rock & Roll Influenced D-Beat Punk band based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

2)Böneyard –Blackened, bonecrushing, rock ‘n’ roll band from the very depths of hell based in Athens

3) Riffobia –Riffobia is a thrash metal band from Greece and were formed in 2004. In spring 2005 they self-released a demo cd with 8 tracks and in the year of 2012 they recorded their debut album named ”Laws Of Devastation”, which was released by Athens Thrash Attack and Secret Port Records in summer 2013. Latest news…the band has just released their second full length album under the name of “Death From Above” by Eat Metal Records.

AND Last But Not Least
4)Hateful Agony – Band from Germany commited to oldschool thrash metal since 1997