Copy-Paste Party by ESN Thessaloniki

8Ball Live Stage
23:30 - 06:00
Copy-Paste Party by ESN Thessaloniki
16 May
  • Location
  • Price
  • Others
  • Thessaloniki
  • 5€ (Beer Included)
  • Ground Floor

Do you have these weird telepathic moments with your best friend where you wear the same things at the same time?
Are you a fan of co ordinating your outfits on a specific theme?
Well in this party there’s a DRESSCODE!
You have to show up wearing the exact same outfit as someone else.
Keep it creative and interesting and see if you can make an impression with your twinning abilities!???

WHERE: 8ball Club Thessaloniki
WHEN: Wednesday 16/05

Entrance: 5€ with beer/vodka
Beer: 3€
Vodka: 5€
Shots: 2€
Wardrobe: Free
Water: Free
Doors open: 23.00

*****PLEASE NOTE*****
This event was organised by members of ESN UOM Thessaloniki, ESN AUTH and ESN ATEITH to help you get the most out of your Erasmus life! ♥
All ESN events are non-profit and are organised by students for students on a voluntary basis.