Faith in Trance / Scars of a Story / 40 Days Later / Blizs

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Faith in Trance / Scars of a Story / 40 Days Later / Blizs
12 Oct
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  • Thessaloniki
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Faith In Trance, a Metalcore band based in Thessaloniki, Greece. We are a group of like-mided musicians that started playing as a band in mid-2017, and currently go by the following formation: Thanos (vocals), Harris (Lead Guitars), Dimitris (Guitar) Constantine (Bass Guitar), John (Drums). We have drawn inspiration from the genres’ best, including Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, August Burns, At the Gates.

Scars of a Story is a metalcore band formed in 2011 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The idea of bringing a new melodic vibe to the metalcore scene sparked the collaboration between the two guitarists, Vlad and Peter. They are joined later by Dani on bass, Bitza on vocals and Cristi on drums, which is later replaced by Gabi. The band start doing shows in Romania opening for bands like Cancer Bats, Jinjer, Emmure, Hopes Die Last, Siberian Meat Grinder. In 2017 the band released its first full-length album “Behind Your So Called Comforts” which is full of fast riffs, melodic choruses and gritty vocals and breakdowns. After touring Romania, starting in 2018, Scars of a Story brought their music abroad to Bulgaria thanks to Black Nebula Events and are looking to release a new EP in the upcoming future.

Formed in 2008 the band has underwent a change of style along the many members that took place in establishing the band’s identity. Besides the multitude of concerts and tours the band shared stage with the likes of Vola, Kadinja, Monuments and Bullet For My Valentine. 40 Days Later has many demos, 1 unpublished EP and 1 LP up to date

Blizs , a nu / groove / thrash metal band. Founded in July 2017.
Composed by: John Kalouzidis(vocals), Dimitris Piliouris( riff guitar), Thomas Kaitatzis (lead guitar), Vassilis Vatakas (bass) and Christos Angelis (drums).

Presale:6 Euros
Door:8 Euros