Longshots & Cargo Lift Live at 8Ball (Upstage) // 27/10/21

8Ball Club
Longshots & Cargo Lift Live at 8Ball (Upstage) // 27/10/21
27 Oct
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  • Thessaloniki
  • 6€ (Beer Included)
  • 1st Floor

After two years of Quarantine the time has come for Thessaloniki’s hard sound to be revived in 8Ball Stage!
Doors Open: 20:00
Show Starts: 21:00
Ticket: 6€ (Beer Included)
*Υποχρεωτική βεβαίωση εμβολιασμού κατά την είσοδο
Are a Modern Hard Rock band for Thessaloniki, Greece.
Formed back in 2017 from a combination of 5 artists with different musical backgrounds, Longshots started as cover band. Gig after gig the need to express themselves appeared indispensable. The realization that rock music, nowadays, has lost its status, due to its performers and the perception of the listeners in general, their main considerations was to renew the sound of it. Thus, trying to bring the Hard Rock sound in the Modern Era, their debut album “HARD RESET” was born.

[Cargo Lift]
Are formed in autumn of 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece. They compose their first songs in April of 2017, which are included in the “First” EP. The rest of the year, as well as 2018, is dedicated to their first live shows. In 2019, being more settled about their chemistry and band vision, they record their following work, the “Disguised” EP, as well as their first video clip, for the song “I Won’t Fall”. Both the EP and video clip receive promising reviews from press and fans, pushing the band forward, resulting in live shows with bands such as Puta Volcano, Dendrites, SiXforNinE, Supersoul, Lotus Who?, Low Treble, and more.
In late 2019, Cargo Lift start working on material for their first Full Length album. Their debut LP, entitled “THEN” comes into existence almost a year later, with the band working non-stop during the Covid-19 stigmatized year, 2020. The album features 9 tracks, which cover 42 minutes of music, touching multiple frequencies of the heavy rock spectrum.