TAU [psych rock,DE] & Seahorse [GR] live at Eigthball Club

8Ball Live Stage
TAU [psych rock,DE] & Seahorse [GR] live at Eigthball Club
13 Nov
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  • Thessaloniki
  • 7€
  • Ground Floor

Love Light Productions παρουσιάζει :

TAU [transcendental psychedelia from Berlin]
Seahorse [garage psych rock from Thessaloniki]
στο Eightball Live Stage
Tρίτη 13 Noεμβρίου 2018
οι πόρτες ανοιγουν στις 21:00

• Προπώληση – Ταμείο: 7€

• Stereodisc Record Shop (Αριστοτέλους 4, Θεσσαλονίκη, τηλ.: 231 026 2912)
• Rover Bar (Σαλαμίνος 6, Λαδάδικα, τηλ.: 2310 544304)
• Lotus Records (Σκρα 7, Θεσσαλονίκη, τηλ.: 2310260776)


TAU Bio :

For centuries the desert has proved to be a spiritually rich landscape. It’s vast openness and still tranquillity lending itself to many a spiritual awakening or outer body experience once within its endless grasp; and in a world that gets busier and more occupied by the day, this reflective escape into one of nature’s greatest spaces becomes understandably more appealing for some. For Shaun Nunutzi, a member of the fearsome band Dead Skeletons and now operating under the name TAU accompanied by Venezuelan multi instrumentalist Gerald Pasqualin, this has certainly been the case. The mystical powers of the desert lands of the Real de Catorce in North West Mexico and has proven to be vital inspiration for the deeply psychedelic mind-trip EP entitled “Wirikuta”, which is the indigenous name for land. He says of his time there, “Spending time in places like these awaken the senses, make you feel connected to the earth, something that everyone yearns for. We have time to think and let intuition flow a bit, which goes hand in hand with the creative process.”